Downloading JHAVÉ

Rather than webstart the JHAVÉ client, you can download it as a jar file and then run it from the command line.

Running the client from the command line using jhave.jar

If you download the jhave.jar file instead of using Webstart, start it from your command prompt by typing:

java -jar jhave.jar

The command line options are as follows:

-c {category}   Specify the category of algorithms to use
                (default: generic)
-s {server}     Specify the algorithm server
-w {webroot}    Specify the webroot for documentation files
-debug          Display the debug tab during execution.

-h or --help    Display this help message.


You will need Java version 1.5 and an Internet Connection to run JHAVÉ.

One final note. JHAVÉ is not intended for passive viewing of algorithms. Most of the time, when JHAVÉ is showing you an algorithm, the visualization will be interrupted by questions asking you to predict what will happen in the next step of the algorithm. So, be sure to put on your thinking cap when you watch a visualization in JHAVÉ. When you get to the point where you can answer most of JHAVÉ's questions correctly, chances are you have a solid understanding of the algorithm!